January 30, 2015

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Clean Room Posts

cleanroom gloves

Gloves as Personal Protective Equipment: Selection Guide

According to the Work Regulation Act 1992, every employer must provide suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) to his employees in order to ensure their safety from the possible health hazards at work, except in environments where such risks are fully controlled by other efficient means. PPE is an important requirement for safety concerns but not the prime one. This is often considered as the ‘last safety resort’ when other methods of safety do not work efficiently. So, PPE features … [Read More...]

cleanroom apparel

Disposable Apparel for Preventing Contamination

A super clean environment is the first requirement of every laboratory or operating room. If the personnel carrying out the operations are exposed to any dangerous particles in the process or the product and process in the operating room come in contact with any human contaminants, both can be harmful for each other. Disposable protective apparel is, therefore, mandatory to provide a barrier between these two. Seam Technique for Disposable Apparel Special kinds of seam techniques are used … [Read More...]

cleanroom tacky mats

Cleanroom Sticky Mats: 3 Important Adhesive Characteristics

Mats are an important requirement of cleanrooms and other critical environments that demand a high degree of contamination control. These mats have strong adhesive properties which collect dust particles from shoe soles and wheels of the carts passing over the mat. Multi-layered adhesive mats are used to peel off the contaminated layer and reveal a new clean layer to significantly reduce traffic-borne particles. A special kind of Acrylic adhesive is used on these mats which does not sustain any … [Read More...]